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I have created a rather extensive collection of documents to support the courses I teach or TA. I am very proud of these documents; they have helped my students (and others' students) immensely. The documents are organized by topic or course in the menu to the left. You are welcome to use any of these documents in your own teaching provided that you agree to the terms of use below. These documents represent an enormous investment of time on my part, and the terms of use simply ask you to respect that.

This page contains materials to support any type of political science course, as well as documents about writing in political science. Some are about specific writing assignments; they may be useful to others as templates, models, or inspiration. If you would like any of these documents, particularly rubrics or assignments, in MS Word format, please email me.

Duplication of these documents is permitted for classroom use provided that the copyright notice, if present, remains intact, and the documents are not altered in any way other than to correct obvious typographical errors ("angels" rather than "angles") and/or to replace the course title on the document with your own. Duplication for classroom use includes permission to post the documents in electronic form to protected course management sites (such as CTools, WebCT, or Blackboard); for non-protected sites, please simply link students to the original document postings on this site.

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General Course and Political Science Materials
Writing and Term Paper Support


General Course and Political Science Materials

NEWLY REVISED! Reading and Understanding Political Science – 18 page packet with activities. One of the most frequently downloaded documents.

Instructor Guide to accompany Reading and Understanding Political Science. New with the 2007 revision!

Introduction to Statistics - PowerPoint presentation, using the "3 S's" framework (see Instructor Guide). New with the 2007 revision!

Article Helper series—goes with Reading and Understanding. Provides a framework for notetaking from published articles. Prompt pages include suggestions for what information to include in each section. MS Word (*.doc) format.

            Applied Theory           Helper             Helper with prompts
            Empirical                     Helper             Helper with prompts
            Formal Modeling        Helper             Helper with prompts
            Literature Review       Helper             Helper with prompts
            Policy                          Helper             Helper with prompts

Calculating Your Term Grade - MS Word document for easy instructor editing for own class purposes.

Maximizing Your Grade on Blue-Book Exams - demystifying the art of essay exams.


Writing and Term Paper Support

Hook, Line, and Sinker -writing effective papers in political science

General Tips on Common Errors - frequent grammar and usage errors, plus tips on eliminating passive voice and other disruptive structures.

Peer Review Checklists:
PS 160 - theory + current events application       PS 140 - empirical research paper

Nerd Words - help students become aware of our all too common tendency to use fancy words to make long, confusing sentences. How many have you used today?

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