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On Being a Modern Nerd


Fun and Interesting Links: Or, Where To Go When You're Bored
WashingtonPost.com's Mega Sudoku- A new 16x16 puzzle every day! Good for hours of fun.
Free Mah-Jongg - No downloads! Play instantly! Become addicted!
Free Tetris - Again, no download required! Play instantly! Become even more addicted!
Darth Vader: The Musical - Not safe for any environment where laughing uproariously at your computer is viewed with concern.
The Capitol Steps - Putting the Mock in Democracy for over 25 years. A new song every week!
Demotivators - What we really want to hang on the office walls.
The 2007 Bulwer-Litton Contest for the worst opening line of a novel - If these are the winners, I wonder how bad the losers were.
Harry Potter and the Mysterious Ticking Noise - brought to you by the Potter Pals of YouTube. See warning on Darth Vader above.


Research Related Links: Or, Where To Go When You've Got To Work
Working Papers of Political Science - unpublished work from across subdisciplines
Paul Hensel's International Relations Data Page - incredible collection of data
Constitution Writing and Conflict Resolution - Or, What I Did With My Summer Vacations
European Foreign Policy Bulletin - all relevant documents, digitally searchable
European Foreign Policy Unit (EFPU) - London School of Economics and Political Science
European Integration Online Portal (EIoP) - source for papers and other useful scholarly work
Diplomacy Monitor - full text of government foreign policy statements for ___ countries


Teaching and Learning Links
Center for Research on Learning and Teaching - University of Michigan. Phenomenal collection of disciplinary teaching strategies and resources.
Syllabi Finder - Center for New Media, George Mason U. Incredible collection in all fields.
Writing Guides and Style Sheets - California State University, Los Angeles. Best I've ever found.
Information Literacy Interactive Online Tutorial - American University. Allows students to self-educate on key concepts.
Active Learning in International Affairs Section - ISA organized section website, with link to Web Archive resource collection.


On Being a Modern Nerd
The Duck of Minerva - A handful of IR scholars give their views on the world and on baseball.
ProfPTJ's Course Diaries - A fun professor at my alma mater enjoys life online and in his classes.
Piled Higher and Deeper: PhD Comics - Humor, grad-school style.
Better Than Ramen - 20-something grad students provide recipes for cooking and eating well on a budget.


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