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After many years of near-stability in programming prices, I've implemented a two-tier system for both graduate students and faculty. I price to be affordable and accessible, but to preserve that model, I need to ask those who have more resources to pay a reasonable amount more. I operate on the honor system for the most part. If you have significant financial constraints or need to budget costs over multiple funding cycles, contact me about payment plans or other alternatives.The prices below are effective 1 April 2024, and are subject to change without notice. All prices are in US$.

Graduate Students

Students who have not defended their dissertations and are paying for their own participation are in the Graduate 1 price tier. Graduate students whose participation in these activities is directly funded by a department, college, or university are in the Graduate 2 price tier. As always, prices are for a full 15 week term of service unless indicated otherwise.

Service Graduate 1 Graduate 2
Dissertation Small-Group Coaching (all stages) $175 $200
Dissertation Workshop (by permission) $175 $200
Dissertation One-on-One (60 min) $425 $450
Dissertation Continued Support (30 min, by permission) $225 n/a
Problem Solver 3 session package $75 $100
Paper editing, per double-spaced page (1) $10 n/a
Job Market Materials package (2) $100 n/a
Small-Group classes (Advanced Academic Writing, Stats Then and Now); 10-12 weeks $175 $225

(1) Paper editing for graduate students is ONLY available for papers that do not in the current form comprise part of the dissertation. Editing jobs with less than a month's notice may be subject to a $2/page rush surcharge.

(2) Job market materials package includes review and feedback on one cover letter, CV, and statements for research, teaching, and diversity.


Postdocs are considered Faculty A. The Faculty B price tier includes anyone who meets any one of the following: personal salary over $100,000; annually replenishing research funds greater than $5,000; current NSF or other major funder support; department, school or college is providing funding for this opportunity; or tenured at a PhD-granting department or program. Anyone else is in the Faculty A tier. As always, prices are for a full 15 week term of service unless indicated otherwise.

Service Faculty A Faculty B
Academic Coaching (60 minutes) $350 $400
Accountability Coaching (30 minutes) $175 $200
Problem Solver 3 Session Package $150 $200
Manuscript Editing, per double-spaced page (1) $12 $14
Developmental Editing Consultation $100 $150
Developmental Editing Starts at $2,250 Starts at $2,500
Book Coaching (30/60 min) $225/450 $250/500
Small group programs (book development, Advanced Academic Writing, Stats Then & Now) - 10-12 weeks $300 $350

(1) Editing jobs with less than a month's notice are subject to a $2/page rush surcharge.

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