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Dissertation Coaching

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Dissertation coaching, and academic coaching more generally, is a process in which an author hires a coach to help him or her achieve writing goals that are for some reason stymied. Most of the time, those goals are related to writing process, accountability (or lack thereof), or substantive challenges that manifest themselves in writing (like most organizational problems). For Faculty Services, click here. For Grad Student Services, keep reading. FAQ located below current programs.


Online registration for Summer 2023 starts 1 April!

Many people can benefit from working, even for a short while, with a dissertation or academic coach. Maybe you're struggling to make a chapter's organization work, or perhaps your lit review won't come together, or perhaps you have no idea how to present your results. Maybe you're working remotely from your program without easy access to peer or faculty support. Maybe you know what you want to say but writing issues impede communication with your reader. Maybe your writing's fine, but the lack of accountability has left you making only a trickle of progress when your new job's start date demands a flood. If you're struggling with any part of your dissertation, then coaching might be the solution for you.

Most of my work with clients is centered around management strategies: time management, project management, writing management, self-management, and the like. I am not a committee member; I will talk substance with you only to the extent that you request it. That said, I've got an eclectic background and I'm widely read, so I often have interesting insights. But my goal is NOT to be a committee member - it's to help provide whatever guidance or skills you may be looking for.

In 7+ years, I've had 25+ successful defenses; I expect another couple this summer. Previous student clients have come from the schools listed in the word cloud to the right.

To see what previous clients had to say about working with me, try reading some of the Testimonials.

Small Group Dissertation Coaching

I offer small group coaching for early, middle and late stage dissertators. This highly affordable option ($175) gets you 15 weeks of support from Leanne and a group of similarly-situated peers. Package includes ~11 weeks of structured content and several weeks of workshopping student documents with feedback from peers and Leanne. Early-stage small-group coaching is ideal for students writing their prospectus or project proposal, or having recently completed it. Middle-stage is for those who are done with data collection and actively writing up. Late-stage is for those in the final push, with a defense/submission date within the next 4-6 months. Students planning to defend this term, or who are doing full-time data collection, are not good candidates for this program. Small group times and registration: Via Wix Groups reqiure 4 participants to run; Late group runs only by request.

Dissertation Workshop: $150

Small group program of 15 weeks of weekly meetings at fixed times. Goal setting, accountability, problem solving, and curriculum as appropriate or needed by the group. Writing time is possible if no one has problem-solving needs that week. Students at any stage of the process are eligible provided they have graduated from one of the small group programs or one-on-one programs. Contact Leanne at Leanne@leannecpowner.com by April 22, 2023, to register.

One-on-One Coaching

A VERY limited number of one-on-one coaching slots are available each term. These sessions are 60 minutes per week for 15 of 16 weeks, and require a consultation and approval to regsiter. This is meant to ensure that the limited spaces go to people whose needs cannot be served by small group coaching. If you're interested in coaching, please email me and tell me a little about why you're looking for coaching. We'll set up a (free) initial consult where we can discuss your situation in more depth and determine whether we're a good match to work together and under what terms. Registration links will be provided to qualified candiates.

Other Offerings

Problem Solver Package: $75

Two focused one-hour consultations, usually a couple weeks apart, including a document review, or else three consultations. Ideal for those struggling with a manuscript that's been rejected or got conflicting revision recommendations, and those working on shorter projects like grant applications. It can be helpful for breaking through a logjam on a prospectus. It's also a good way to try out coaching before committing to a full semester. Depending on the issue, we can substitute a third meeting for a document review. Problem Solver packages can happen at any time in the year or term.

Problem Solver Job Market Package: $75

Review of job market packet including cover letter, CV, teaching, diversity & research statements with written feedback; post-feedback consultation. Add job market paper/writing sample review for an additional $75. Add a virtual practice job talk with feedback for an additional $50. Limited quantities available in Summer 2023, especially in August. Book early for best service.

Please note: My copyediting services are separate from coaching services. Coaching is a long-term relationship where we improve habits and work on writing fundamentals. It is not a mechanism to obtain proofreading or copyediting services for your dissertation. Dissertation copyediting is available by priot arrangement for $3 per double-spaced page. Email Leanne if you are interested in this service. ALLOW AT LEAST TWO WEEKS FOR TURNAROUND.

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