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Classroom Resources

Course-Related Materials

For my students' and my own ease of reference, I organize the materials largely by course. Each course page contains a brief synopsis of the topics covered and a link to the syllabus. Where relevant, I cross-link to materials on other pages of this site (i.e., I happen to have the median voter materials under my Intro to Comparative Politics course, and spatial modeling under Intro to International Relations, but either may be of interest in Game Theory courses). If you are unsure where to find something, try the search box at the top of each page.

General Topics

Writing Skills
Writing an Abstract: Sample Abstracts, Writing Worksheet
Reading and Research Skills
readingps.pdf RUinstguide
Writing an Abstract: Sample Abstracts, Writing Worksheet
Grade Calculator
Maximizing Your Grade on Blue Book Exams

Course-Specific Materials

Introduction to World Politics/International Relations
Introduction to Comparative Politics
Introduction to International Relations Research (Social Science Research Methods)
Problems of the Global Community ('hot topics in IR')
Political Economy of Developed Democracies
International Organizations, Cooperation, and Integration
Game Theory
Quantitative Analysis in International Affairs
International Relations of Europe

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